Thursday, June 28, 2007

Whatever happened to PRETTY HAIR? (A digression)

What happened to all the good advice the glamour magazines gave us on how to make our hair frame our faces -- styles to make a round face look less full, or a long, thin face look fuller? How to make soft curls or waves to flatter us?

Alas, this seems to have been forgotten in an attempt to make all our ladies in the public eye look alike, and with as little style or beauty as possible. Why?

Whenever I see these presenters, or interviewers, or anchorwomen, or even those being interviewed in the studio or the street, I say to the TV set, "Lady, did you look in the mirror before you went out in public looking like that?"

At first it was a shoulder length cut in two tiers -- two hanks hanging down shorter than the other two hanks ("a rag, a bone and a hank of hair" is all I could think of). Then even the two-tier look seemed too much of a fashion statement, and lately it's just been hair hanging there, ragged looking, no sheen, and oh, those dark roots!

Why would all these women decide like lemmings to follow who knows who into a sea of lousy hair-dos? What caused this? I can remember when everyone had the "Monica Lewinski look," but at least that wasn't actually repulsive; and we knew where it came from. This time there is no rhyme nor reason to it.

Ladies, take back your hair! Which of you will be the bellwether to come out with a beautiful hair-do, with waves or curls, and lead those sheep in a glorious revolution?


RUTH said...

When I think of the hours I spent when I was younger using hairspray to keep every hair in place. Now the casual look is the fashion....ermmm...for "casual" read "messy"!

RUTH said...

If you're happy to do it I've tagged you on my Bee's Eye View blog

Livvy said...

Thanks for writing this.